Monday, December 6, 2010

What I have become!!!

In my experience of going to learn and become, its quite amazing how the encounters I had influenced who I am now. From the time management, going out to take nature walks, how I prefer my food ( with more raw vegetables), critically engaging the sermons in church, among others.
Of essence is how to intergrate the lessons I took from there into my culture, indeed an intricate duty. But in the world that is becoming or has become a global village, its interesting to know that people here are also informed and that makes it easier to share the lessons and experiences. However, it depends on how exposed someone is for then to appreciate other cultures and not see his/her as superior or as the standard with which to view other cultures. The challenge is that in a place where people are used to a kind of system (culutre), it is quite a task to bring some of those changes one would want to have but it is easeier when I practice them and become an example of the change I want to see.
Just to echo Mahatma Gandhi's words "You must be the change you want to see in the world".This I endeavour to be in my daily life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Treasures in friends...

As I look back to the beggining as an amatuer in the capital...
learning to get my way around, getting to know people, learning the language, coping with the culture, adjusting to the weather and seasons, from warm, cold and darkness to spring time when there is sunlight and the sunset is late. The skiing and walk in the woods.

Through this and more, it was great to have friends who were with me, with whom we could share love and life.Indeed life is more about sharing our lives together thatn it is about having things. After time has past and we look back the path we have been through, the expereinces we had, the joys and the sorrows, i am certain of this... the greatest of treasures is the people we could share our life with.

Goodbyes....not my best part in life but when we have to say it, then we celebrate the time we had together and that we have known each other. Even more that we can continue to be a blessing to each other thought we are oceans apart.
Am frateful to God for this opportunity and the people I met.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

på hald igjen

Days moving so fast towards the future.
Looking back, on the fall and winter season...experienceing the cold, meetimg friends, doing ministry and enjoying life.
its now time to consolidate what I have been learning, with the hope that these lessons help me in the future that am so looking forward to.

At hald for the spring course.