Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday was one of the best tuesdays I have had so far...I joined KRIK at Ullevål stadium. There was a tournament and also information about CHRISC (Christian Sports Contanct)in Rwanda. KRIK Oslo will be supporting CHRISC Rwanda this year and there are different projects to that effect.

And so we were divided into groups, where each had about seven people or more. We played football, volleyball and hockey. Mmmmhhhh....of course I dont know what i was doing in the football feild, because it was my first time to play this game, i have watched it alot though.I kept running around the feild trying to kick it and mostly failing, especially with some masculine guys who wanted to kick the same time I was aiming.
Volley ball was good, though the ball seemed to just pass on top of my head to someone else.
Hockey was my highest moment because this was my highschool game. It was good to play it again...and that i know the rules of the game. It felt great to finally manage to do something for my team.I was keeping the goal and nothing passed through there.
Surprise, surprise...our team won the tournament..I hope to continue attending this, because it gives me the opportunity for more interactions with young people.
Thanks to Vegard who invited us. I also met five former hald students and it was great.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CU weekend at nordmarkskapellet....

The weekend was characterized by adventure, fun, games, making pizza and deep insights from the topic 'JESUS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT'. Of course the cold and beautiful weather was part of the weekend. Mmmmmmhhhh..........and time to realize the hidden potential, Isaiah and I did a narration. It was about this king who sent his sons to go and touch the elephant and report what they found, amazingly they all came with different reports.....that it is a big wall, the other said a leaf and the last one said a trump...this depended on which part they touched...but the message of the story was to urge everyone to dig deeper on who Jesus is. Something else.....time to pick a skill, I learnt how to play ligretto and how to make pizza........hurray!!! It was good to also dicover the story behind this chapel at the forest, that its a students initiative who realized that norwegians like to go for walks (å gå på tur).So they decided to raise funds for the project which took quite a while. The aim was that as people go for these walks they will find a place to go and fellowship. The project has since grown and has camping facilities for those who would like to stay for the nights............and oh, that was in the 1920s....and the vision has grown.

Three weeks in Oslo........

Oh.........i have been sort of busy,not updated my blog for a while.
Here is what has been happening.........

I have joined the CU international group and as the name suggests, its is really a diverse group from different nationalities. We meet every wednesday at 7pm to have a fellowship and dinner together,,,,,its an opportunity to taste foods from differnt countries, and its been amazing.

I have also met former hald students, Vegard Kimani Odhiambo who went to kenya 2007/2008...Erik Soldal who went to Uganda 2007/2008.......and Hilde who went to brazil 2008/2009. They have really been helpful in helping my team mate and I learn more about the student life in norway, and we will be joining different groups to learn more and be a part of what they do.Hilde is my housemate, she has been so kind as I adapt to living in the context.

I remembered a card game we played at hald, where there were different rules at each table and when you moved from one to another the rules changed, one had to observe and see what the winning strategy is. In the first few days, i felt like I had just moved to this place where I didnt know even how to get my way to a shop,choosing an item, making my own food, getting my way back home.....the list is endless. but i must say learning the rules of the game, the winning feels good......ofcourse the cold is a different story, i have to be all wrapped up in wools which act as an insulator.....hahahaha am liking it though.

Jeg lærer på norsk. det er kjempefint........i will practice more.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Experiencing the culture in style

Delicious...........sea foods in norway

Friday, October 2, 2009

Here are some of Ruth

great experiences so far......
walk in the woods, I love the nature
Interactions with people from different cultures,
learning norwegian,
learning how to shop in the capital city,
More is yet to come.......