Friday, August 28, 2009

Hald internasjionale senter

At Hald we meet ................
from different countries, different backgrounds,
different cultures, different languages
and also of different personalities.
With a common goal of having a cross cultural experience.
and the motto 'Go, Learn, Become'.

The package is bigger as we get enlightment of different issues facing the world today. Raging from development, mission, leadership, poverty, teamwork and communication among others.
My task and role as a participant is that I will learn, and go back to cause a positive impact in my country................then I will have become the change I want to see in the world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blåtur (blue trip)

Out in the have an experience of the unknown, symbolic of what our practice period will be like. The trip set off on a Friday afternoon with a walk to the fjelltun, well secluded place in the mountains. Started with an activity to test on teamwork and how creative and cooperative we could be among ourselves, it was quite a task but we did our best.
There was a test of not having a phone, a watch or any electronic and many other privileges we enjoy in life.

We had to stay alert and listen to the bell in order to get instructions for the next task.

Saturday was a beautiful rainy day we took a walk to the mountains for a long time almost the whole day since we had no watches. It was quite an experience and we had to stay in our teams and make a promise.'' I promise to be positive, to do my best and to help others''. This was vital as we realized in our walk up the mountain and back to fjelltun. It needed perseverance and determination and indeed staying positive and giving our best even when we felt worn out.

Beautiful creation in the mountains