Monday, September 28, 2009

With Ragnhild

Velkommen til Oslo

The welcome was great.
We had a walk around town by some CU members. and later a welcome party in the evening.

at the sea side 2

with Idun and kalisha

at the sea side

mash marlows........roasting by the fire side

its co cold out here

with Idunn, kalisha, and Isaiah

Sunday, September 27, 2009

First sunday at Nordmarkskapelet

Our first weekend at Oslo has been fantastic.....
we arrived safely on friday night.Andreas waited for us and helped us to find our way to the new home.
On sturday we were taken around the city of Oslo to major places in the city, of course it looks so big and everything is new, wondering whether I will ever be able to move from one place to another without getting lost.Thanks to Mathias, Marielle, Phillip and Yoanna.We had an evening welcome party in the evening by the CU, this was amazing.
Sunday we wemt to a chapel in the forest, its called Nordmarkskapellet.It was a great time and I look forward to visit the place many other times in the near future.


As we left hald on Friday we were ready to GO......
Go into the different places of our practise and have the cross cultural experience we desired to have when we chose to come to the school. With joy that this exposure will make a difference in our lives but also sorrowful that the freinds we had made during the one month will now be further away from us.
In the different places of our practice we hope to learn new things as we practice and in the end become .................
What we become will be determined by the experiences we go through, but most of all our attitude as we get into the culture.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Escapades during the fall course

Am amazing time and great adventure at hald.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A great time...........

Nice and lovely

Ruth, Kalisha and Purity

Purity, Ruth and kalisha..........panoramic view

Lost in the woods

A sunny friday afternoon, we had just arrived hald from Kristiansand..........
mesh and I decided to have a walk and talk into the woods, enjoying the nature and cool was so nice to have somr girl talk of how we are progressing and about our expectations for the practice period.
Before long we wondered how to get back home.........oh yea at feels home already.

this way or that way????...........lets find out. quite an adventure

'No its this way'' says Mesh...........''we can try out''.

Eureka!!!!!!!!!! we found the way back..............
Amazing grace how sweet thou sound that saved a wretch like, I once was lost but now am found.......

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First visit to Oslo

Our first visit to Oslo with the FOCUS international group was one of the best times especially that I will be here for practice. Thanks to Åshild for the orientation in the capital city. We traveled from Mandal at 7am and had to have the mat Parke for breakfast.
The visit to Vigeland Sculpture Park was just the place to be and see what art is all about. Its really a unique way of expressing artistic gifting. That is a creation by Gustav Vigeland ....a Norwegian artist.As I walked through the different sculptures I thought to myself whether anyone in Kenya would ever think of that. May be its because art work is not really embraced or may be art is brought out differently.

I loved the sermon in Church about being set free and letting Jesus give us freedom.
The visit to NKSS office was also a good starting point for me because it was really informative to the work we will be doing during our practice.
Am really looking forward to being in Oslo.....

At Vigeland park

My turn to jump.................hurray

At Vigeland park

Time to jump........... But am missing in action.

Å gå på tur

Maria and I on my first day in Oslo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Questions of life

This is one of the sessions we have at hald.

Jesus asked???

What would Jesus do if he lived in the 21st century...............I found this one tricky and many imaginations came to mind, like:

He would go to the slums around the world and provide for them according to their needs.
Or He would go into the corrupt government officers in Africa and around the world and give them wisdom on good leadership, or tell them that leadership is about caring for the people and not heaping up wealth for themselves.

Or He would go to the many churches and tell them to be true disciples, and in some churches take the message of His love and grace to the many seeking after God.