Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here is the month of December, its nice to see how Christmas is really waited for. Purple is the colour of the season of ADVENT, which means waiting .
The candles in the house are changed to purple, even in the shops, you will notice something is happening. Decorations are also purple. But in the shops, its more of red clothes and decorations which is the colour that will be used for the christmas day and as it draws nigh.
Its also getting colder and I have alot of christmas parties to attend to. here we go, the december month...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

something for someone.........

Today, my friends from The Cu group and I went along the streets to share boller and tea to the street guyz . It was so nice to see a smile on their face as they recieved our small package. At first it was abit scary, we wondered whether they will accept but the outcome was so fulfilling.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wow................Its a beautiful day

Before I came here, I didn't know how to define what a beautiful day is like. Now I can wake up and look outside and describe what its like.

Well, today was one of those, the sun was up and the clouds were so clear, so I went to visit the viking ship museum.....i like how history is preserved. It was indeed a beautiful day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its maze time.......

At one point I was wondering if I would ever cope with the quietness that surrounds me. I wondered why people ask questions of why would God do this or do that.
I wondered how I would manage to make friends in a culture where it is said its hard to make friends. Wondered how I would make it to enjoy this opportunity even if I really wanted to do my best. Not to forget the language, listening and interpreting to english at the same time, that can be tiring.

But then, I asked myself what good am I doing sitting here wondering, and thinking of how hard it can be. Why don't I try make the best of what I have. The quiet is good for me to think on issues, reflect and grow in knowledge. The questions are opportunity for me to delve deeper and build strong convictions of what I believe. Its an opportunity for me to trust God to reveal Himself and guide me through in this journey. I can start slowly by slowly to practice speaking the language instead of fearing to make mistakes.

That i can move with the cheese, or move my cheese. Scury into action. Not just sit in the maze complaining and having a negative attitude.
I like it when the attitude changes, inspite of the challenges. I promise to do my best and be positive and help others.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Get Focussed Conference

This weekend I attended a conference at Tørnsberg....it was amazing, young and old gathered together. The vision of the conference is to have christians uniting from all churches and indeed they came young and old from different parts of Norway and from different churches. It was 1500 people and such a gathering here in Norway is big. Everything was communicated in Norsk....mmmhhh...I tried my best to understand, which I did for somethings but not all.
Isaiah and I were supposed to join the service team to serve food which we did on the first day, but somehow we ended up in the prayer team and I liked it alot.
For the first time here,I was in a christian gathering where people danced and jumped while singing.People prayed in tongues and got word of wisdom and prayed for the sick. That was a new experience here in Norway.I must say I liked it alot.Its awesome to see what God is doing here.
I aslo met my colleagues from hald: Marinette, Mirana and Stella..it was a nice time for girls to hang out together.

Mirana, marinette and Ruth

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

International cultural evening

This was a time to celebrate our places of origin. We had a taste of different foods from different people.for instance Foufou....nigerian, Schvflboltz....german,crabs...hungary,chicken....norwegian style,CHAPATI...kenya,among others.

Then games from some different parts of the world. There was this task in groups representing the different continents. we had to make something that reminds you of that continent using feathers, baloons, manilla, celotape, thread..I was in the america continent.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday was one of the best tuesdays I have had so far...I joined KRIK at Ullevål stadium. There was a tournament and also information about CHRISC (Christian Sports Contanct)in Rwanda. KRIK Oslo will be supporting CHRISC Rwanda this year and there are different projects to that effect.

And so we were divided into groups, where each had about seven people or more. We played football, volleyball and hockey. Mmmmhhhh....of course I dont know what i was doing in the football feild, because it was my first time to play this game, i have watched it alot though.I kept running around the feild trying to kick it and mostly failing, especially with some masculine guys who wanted to kick the same time I was aiming.
Volley ball was good, though the ball seemed to just pass on top of my head to someone else.
Hockey was my highest moment because this was my highschool game. It was good to play it again...and that i know the rules of the game. It felt great to finally manage to do something for my team.I was keeping the goal and nothing passed through there.
Surprise, surprise...our team won the tournament..I hope to continue attending this, because it gives me the opportunity for more interactions with young people.
Thanks to Vegard who invited us. I also met five former hald students and it was great.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CU weekend at nordmarkskapellet....

The weekend was characterized by adventure, fun, games, making pizza and deep insights from the topic 'JESUS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT'. Of course the cold and beautiful weather was part of the weekend. Mmmmmmhhhh..........and time to realize the hidden potential, Isaiah and I did a narration. It was about this king who sent his sons to go and touch the elephant and report what they found, amazingly they all came with different reports.....that it is a big wall, the other said a leaf and the last one said a trump...this depended on which part they touched...but the message of the story was to urge everyone to dig deeper on who Jesus is. Something else.....time to pick a skill, I learnt how to play ligretto and how to make pizza........hurray!!! It was good to also dicover the story behind this chapel at the forest, that its a students initiative who realized that norwegians like to go for walks (å gå på tur).So they decided to raise funds for the project which took quite a while. The aim was that as people go for these walks they will find a place to go and fellowship. The project has since grown and has camping facilities for those who would like to stay for the nights............and oh, that was in the 1920s....and the vision has grown.

Three weeks in Oslo........

Oh.........i have been sort of busy,not updated my blog for a while.
Here is what has been happening.........

I have joined the CU international group and as the name suggests, its is really a diverse group from different nationalities. We meet every wednesday at 7pm to have a fellowship and dinner together,,,,,its an opportunity to taste foods from differnt countries, and its been amazing.

I have also met former hald students, Vegard Kimani Odhiambo who went to kenya 2007/2008...Erik Soldal who went to Uganda 2007/2008.......and Hilde who went to brazil 2008/2009. They have really been helpful in helping my team mate and I learn more about the student life in norway, and we will be joining different groups to learn more and be a part of what they do.Hilde is my housemate, she has been so kind as I adapt to living in the context.

I remembered a card game we played at hald, where there were different rules at each table and when you moved from one to another the rules changed, one had to observe and see what the winning strategy is. In the first few days, i felt like I had just moved to this place where I didnt know even how to get my way to a shop,choosing an item, making my own food, getting my way back home.....the list is endless. but i must say now.......am learning the rules of the game, the winning strategies.it feels good......ofcourse the cold is a different story, i have to be all wrapped up in wools which act as an insulator.....hahahaha am liking it though.

Jeg lærer på norsk. det er kjempefint........i will practice more.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Experiencing the culture in style

Delicious...........sea foods in norway

Friday, October 2, 2009

Here are some ..............photos of Ruth

great experiences so far......
walk in the woods, I love the nature
Interactions with people from different cultures,
learning norwegian,
learning how to shop in the capital city,
More is yet to come.......

Monday, September 28, 2009

With Ragnhild

Velkommen til Oslo

The welcome was great.
We had a walk around town by some CU members. and later a welcome party in the evening.

at the sea side 2

with Idun and kalisha

at the sea side

mash marlows........roasting by the fire side

its co cold out here

with Idunn, kalisha, and Isaiah

Sunday, September 27, 2009

First sunday at Nordmarkskapelet

Our first weekend at Oslo has been fantastic.....
we arrived safely on friday night.Andreas waited for us and helped us to find our way to the new home.
On sturday we were taken around the city of Oslo to major places in the city, of course it looks so big and everything is new, wondering whether I will ever be able to move from one place to another without getting lost.Thanks to Mathias, Marielle, Phillip and Yoanna.We had an evening welcome party in the evening by the CU, this was amazing.
Sunday we wemt to a chapel in the forest, its called Nordmarkskapellet.It was a great time and I look forward to visit the place many other times in the near future.


As we left hald on Friday we were ready to GO......
Go into the different places of our practise and have the cross cultural experience we desired to have when we chose to come to the school. With joy that this exposure will make a difference in our lives but also sorrowful that the freinds we had made during the one month will now be further away from us.
In the different places of our practice we hope to learn new things as we practice and in the end become .................
What we become will be determined by the experiences we go through, but most of all our attitude as we get into the culture.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Escapades during the fall course

Am amazing time and great adventure at hald.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A great time...........

Nice and lovely

Ruth, Kalisha and Purity

Purity, Ruth and kalisha..........panoramic view

Lost in the woods

A sunny friday afternoon, we had just arrived hald from Kristiansand..........
mesh and I decided to have a walk and talk into the woods, enjoying the nature and cool breeze.........it was so nice to have somr girl talk of how we are progressing and about our expectations for the practice period.
Before long we wondered how to get back home.........oh yea at hald........it feels home already.

this way or that way????...........lets find out. quite an adventure

'No its this way'' says Mesh...........''we can try out''.

Eureka!!!!!!!!!! we found the way back..............
Amazing grace how sweet thou sound that saved a wretch like, I once was lost but now am found.......

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First visit to Oslo

Our first visit to Oslo with the FOCUS international group was one of the best times especially that I will be here for practice. Thanks to Åshild for the orientation in the capital city. We traveled from Mandal at 7am and had to have the mat Parke for breakfast.
The visit to Vigeland Sculpture Park was just the place to be and see what art is all about. Its really a unique way of expressing artistic gifting. That is a creation by Gustav Vigeland ....a Norwegian artist.As I walked through the different sculptures I thought to myself whether anyone in Kenya would ever think of that. May be its because art work is not really embraced or may be art is brought out differently.

I loved the sermon in Church about being set free and letting Jesus give us freedom.
The visit to NKSS office was also a good starting point for me because it was really informative to the work we will be doing during our practice.
Am really looking forward to being in Oslo.....

At Vigeland park

My turn to jump.................hurray

At Vigeland park

Time to jump........... But am missing in action.

Å gå på tur

Maria and I on my first day in Oslo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Questions of life

This is one of the sessions we have at hald.

Jesus asked???

What would Jesus do if he lived in the 21st century...............I found this one tricky and many imaginations came to mind, like:

He would go to the slums around the world and provide for them according to their needs.
Or He would go into the corrupt government officers in Africa and around the world and give them wisdom on good leadership, or tell them that leadership is about caring for the people and not heaping up wealth for themselves.

Or He would go to the many churches and tell them to be true disciples, and in some churches take the message of His love and grace to the many seeking after God.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hald internasjionale senter

At Hald we meet ................
from different countries, different backgrounds,
different cultures, different languages
and also of different personalities.
With a common goal of having a cross cultural experience.
and the motto 'Go, Learn, Become'.

The package is bigger as we get enlightment of different issues facing the world today. Raging from development, mission, leadership, poverty, teamwork and communication among others.
My task and role as a participant is that I will learn, and go back to cause a positive impact in my country................then I will have become the change I want to see in the world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blåtur (blue trip)

Out in the blue..................to have an experience of the unknown, symbolic of what our practice period will be like. The trip set off on a Friday afternoon with a walk to the fjelltun, well secluded place in the mountains. Started with an activity to test on teamwork and how creative and cooperative we could be among ourselves, it was quite a task but we did our best.
There was a test of not having a phone, a watch or any electronic and many other privileges we enjoy in life.

We had to stay alert and listen to the bell in order to get instructions for the next task.

Saturday was a beautiful rainy day we took a walk to the mountains for a long time almost the whole day since we had no watches. It was quite an experience and we had to stay in our teams and make a promise.'' I promise to be positive, to do my best and to help others''. This was vital as we realized in our walk up the mountain and back to fjelltun. It needed perseverance and determination and indeed staying positive and giving our best even when we felt worn out.

Beautiful creation in the mountains