Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its maze time.......

At one point I was wondering if I would ever cope with the quietness that surrounds me. I wondered why people ask questions of why would God do this or do that.
I wondered how I would manage to make friends in a culture where it is said its hard to make friends. Wondered how I would make it to enjoy this opportunity even if I really wanted to do my best. Not to forget the language, listening and interpreting to english at the same time, that can be tiring.

But then, I asked myself what good am I doing sitting here wondering, and thinking of how hard it can be. Why don't I try make the best of what I have. The quiet is good for me to think on issues, reflect and grow in knowledge. The questions are opportunity for me to delve deeper and build strong convictions of what I believe. Its an opportunity for me to trust God to reveal Himself and guide me through in this journey. I can start slowly by slowly to practice speaking the language instead of fearing to make mistakes.

That i can move with the cheese, or move my cheese. Scury into action. Not just sit in the maze complaining and having a negative attitude.
I like it when the attitude changes, inspite of the challenges. I promise to do my best and be positive and help others.

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