Sunday, November 8, 2009

Get Focussed Conference

This weekend I attended a conference at Tø was amazing, young and old gathered together. The vision of the conference is to have christians uniting from all churches and indeed they came young and old from different parts of Norway and from different churches. It was 1500 people and such a gathering here in Norway is big. Everything was communicated in Norsk....mmmhhh...I tried my best to understand, which I did for somethings but not all.
Isaiah and I were supposed to join the service team to serve food which we did on the first day, but somehow we ended up in the prayer team and I liked it alot.
For the first time here,I was in a christian gathering where people danced and jumped while singing.People prayed in tongues and got word of wisdom and prayed for the sick. That was a new experience here in Norway.I must say I liked it alot.Its awesome to see what God is doing here.
I aslo met my colleagues from hald: Marinette, Mirana and was a nice time for girls to hang out together.

Mirana, marinette and Ruth

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