Monday, December 6, 2010

What I have become!!!

In my experience of going to learn and become, its quite amazing how the encounters I had influenced who I am now. From the time management, going out to take nature walks, how I prefer my food ( with more raw vegetables), critically engaging the sermons in church, among others.
Of essence is how to intergrate the lessons I took from there into my culture, indeed an intricate duty. But in the world that is becoming or has become a global village, its interesting to know that people here are also informed and that makes it easier to share the lessons and experiences. However, it depends on how exposed someone is for then to appreciate other cultures and not see his/her as superior or as the standard with which to view other cultures. The challenge is that in a place where people are used to a kind of system (culutre), it is quite a task to bring some of those changes one would want to have but it is easeier when I practice them and become an example of the change I want to see.
Just to echo Mahatma Gandhi's words "You must be the change you want to see in the world".This I endeavour to be in my daily life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Treasures in friends...

As I look back to the beggining as an amatuer in the capital...
learning to get my way around, getting to know people, learning the language, coping with the culture, adjusting to the weather and seasons, from warm, cold and darkness to spring time when there is sunlight and the sunset is late. The skiing and walk in the woods.

Through this and more, it was great to have friends who were with me, with whom we could share love and life.Indeed life is more about sharing our lives together thatn it is about having things. After time has past and we look back the path we have been through, the expereinces we had, the joys and the sorrows, i am certain of this... the greatest of treasures is the people we could share our life with.

Goodbyes....not my best part in life but when we have to say it, then we celebrate the time we had together and that we have known each other. Even more that we can continue to be a blessing to each other thought we are oceans apart.
Am frateful to God for this opportunity and the people I met.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

på hald igjen

Days moving so fast towards the future.
Looking back, on the fall and winter season...experienceing the cold, meetimg friends, doing ministry and enjoying life.
its now time to consolidate what I have been learning, with the hope that these lessons help me in the future that am so looking forward to.

At hald for the spring course.

Monday, March 8, 2010

International womens day

The International Women's Day Centenary should make the women of past proud, the women of current inspired, and the women of the future envisioned (from IWD website).

Big day for women around the world who can be remembered for what they have done and who they have been to their family, friends and communities. From different backgrounds and orientations around the world, with different achievements to celebrate and different challenges to face (AIDS infected or affected, hunger, rape,violence, discrimination, cultural limitations among others)...others come out stronger but others never make it.But each day as we look towards the future ahead we have hope inside. One thing is for sure, what we do for ourselves goes with us to the grave but what we do for others, lives beyond us.

We can live to our full potential as we match on with hearts courageous. Not forgetting to celebrate each other. we can contribute positively to make the family a better place which will in turn impact the community and the world. we can encourage each other, hold each others hand, love others and have a hope that never dies.

Monday, March 1, 2010

kollektive weekend

Isaiah, johanne and Ruth

Another weekend out in the forest, this time at Bærum, haslumseter. Quite similar to nordmarka, since you ski to get there in winter or walk during other seasons. this being winter, we went skiing.
Kollektive is the name given to the group of people who stay where I live(at laget houses). we always have meeting every second Tuesday of the month. This time we had a weekeknd out together. It was good time to interact more, go skiing, watch a movie together, play games and share meals among others..what a fantastic way to build a team.
It was so interesting to experience the love and fellowship, especially when the skiing got challenging for me to go the uphills but they stayed with me until the end.'Loving your neighbour'


Monday, February 22, 2010

På Nordmarka for CU helgen

my friends and I

Another weekend at Nordmarka,
Skiing or walking to the chapel, sharing dinner and meals together, everyone participating in the activities and duties, warming ourselves by the fireplace, having games, learning from God's word and sharing our experiences in group discussions as we pray together.Chatting with friends.

It has been an exciting and enriching experience to build friendships in the CU, as we share life and ministry. I am glad that i am able to contribute in the service and fellowship.

Monday, February 8, 2010

salt shaker conference......snakk om tro

This weekend I was in kristiansand(a city in the south of norway)for a conference by Rebecca pippert. Snakk om tro...meaning talk about faith.
I learned alot from the model of evangelism that she and other believers have practised before, especially that they took time to pray for God's guidance to share His love and word to others. But also that they stepped out in Faith as God was guiding them. These stories showed people who have believed in God's power and the power in His word.....and also that they are so ready to share the love of God as people come together to learn about Jesus.

Its now time for me to practice what I learnt.

Go ye into all the world, and make disciples...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Enjoying the work...

so far its going great. The new year indeed came with more opportunities for my team mate and I. Work with the skole laget(school teams), the CU international group, Høyskolen and invitations for the friends we have made.

Indeed seeing the possibilty of learning as I contibute and being involved in the work. It couldn't be better. Thanks to God who gives us the abilities. Thanks to our contact person, the staff at laget and the many friends we have....yes and the team spirit with my teammate.

I am loving this.
Takk Jesus

doing a narration with isaiah

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fresh air around......conserving the environment

The land is covered with beauty, conserving the nature is a part of the culture. From the rivers, the lakes, the forests, the grass outside the home, the flowers around the home....right to those inside the house, or the office.

Taking a walk to the woods to enjoy the nature, to going out in short breaks to get some fresh air, going skiing, or swimming in the sea....are part and parcel of the nordmen.
The laws of the land are strict in gaurding the environment. the garbage is sorted according to how it can be recycled, or reused. A clean surrounding indeed.

Quite different from kenya, the recent mau saga which has undergone a process of destruction over a number of years, some years back, karura had to be fought for to stop the same from happening. The waste is damped at the nairobi river which is supposed to be a source of water for the residence of the capital. the lake victoria and the hyacinth.....a drying lake Nakuru, which has a reduction of flamingos.

Good lesson here...
The good thing about conserving the environment is that you are also a beneficiary of the results, such as non-polluted air, sufficient supply of water and the wonderful walks you can have through the nature.

OSlo, towards nordmarkskapellet

this is beautiful

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

winter and snow experience

Fall on us , fall on us

enjoying the outdoor activity at this time, skiing

But this is at the wrong place, have to dig it out

and when the sea is frozen, we can enjoy a moment of rest on it

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is the day

We all hope to change the world, or maybe most people do.

We want to do something to make it a better place. Sometimes I thought maybe when I get more money, then I can give to a cause...Or maybe after I finish my studies I can begin to do something...or maybe I can choose a study that will give me opprtunity to serve others...or maybe when I become a great leader some day...great thoughts, great desires, great plans.

But after sometime I realized, I got the NOW. I have today, each and every day is that future that in some past I hoped to have.I realized that right where I am, I can do something. I can share God's love with other people. I can smile to someone, I can be a blessing right now...
Each day I am also discovering how I can be the change I want to see

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Infield course at hald international

Time for reunion with the other internationals, sharing our three months experiences in practice. happy moments, challenges, lessons learnt, thoughtful reflections and its now time to be together again.
At hald in winter, the green grass and trees we left in september is all gone, all is now white snow and colder.

We can all do some norwegian now;

How will this experience influence my life?
What difference is it making in my life?

Three more months for practice, but five more months to be back home.
yes its time to GO LIVE AND BECOME.

kalisha, mesh and I at the frozen sea

friends at lyndal on a frozen sea

New year again

Its new year again, wanting to make resolutions but thinking about living a day at atime. Which one is better?? When we make resolutions, they end up forgotten as the year moves on yet helps to ponder on something when I take those breaks to evaluate how far. Never tried this one day at a time strategy, but really getting tempted to try it in 2010.
I still desire a closer walk with God this year, and to walk God's path for my life.

Look back and thank God,
Look up and FOCUS on God.
Look forward and trust God.

in church at the new years camp

and time to marvel at God's creation

Thursday, January 7, 2010

cold and white birthday

This comes late now that my birthday was 18th of december. At such a time more people had travelled home from the city to be with their families during Christmas...this is actually a similarity to kenya, only that here the transport system is more coordinated than back home.
But back to my birhday, i went ice skating for my first time...its hard at the beginning but managed to walk on skates before the end. Thanks to Hilde and Anna, they held me until i was able to stand on my own. Also went for a walk with Fransizka to the woods, but it was too cold. I must say I enjoyed the gift of friends. Its a great blessing.

me at the woods, and its so cold

Anna, Me and Hilde

Eventful December

In advent month, had alot of parties to go; Juletre fest(christmas tree partywith many friends), Julebord(Christmas party for board members in the Christian Union group), Julelunsj(Christmas Lunch at the laget office) among others.
It was a good time of getting together to share a meal, and talk together, go round the christmas tree singing christmas songs.

Birthday on a cold day. Thanks to Isaiah and Fransizka who made samosas for the day. Went ice skating and for a walk in the woods...wonderful birthday.

Norwegian Christmas charaterized by , Making Pepperkaker(christmas cookies) and pepperkaker hus.Purple candles in advent are changed to red candles.

table set for the dinner

Norwegian christmas dishes...pinnekjøt(lamb meat), lutefisk(fish), ribbe(pork).You will take either of these or all of them in the different christmas days.But i got a different on on christmas eve

yummy, made by pappa

Christmas presents under the christmas tree. Normally people will go round the christmas tree singing songs but we didnt. finnally chocolate, dessrt, coffe or tea.

gifts from everyone to each one

Wonderful christmas family was the best thing that happened to me this christmas. Home away from home.