Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fresh air around......conserving the environment

The land is covered with beauty, conserving the nature is a part of the culture. From the rivers, the lakes, the forests, the grass outside the home, the flowers around the home....right to those inside the house, or the office.

Taking a walk to the woods to enjoy the nature, to going out in short breaks to get some fresh air, going skiing, or swimming in the sea....are part and parcel of the nordmen.
The laws of the land are strict in gaurding the environment. the garbage is sorted according to how it can be recycled, or reused. A clean surrounding indeed.

Quite different from kenya, the recent mau saga which has undergone a process of destruction over a number of years, some years back, karura had to be fought for to stop the same from happening. The waste is damped at the nairobi river which is supposed to be a source of water for the residence of the capital. the lake victoria and the hyacinth.....a drying lake Nakuru, which has a reduction of flamingos.

Good lesson here...
The good thing about conserving the environment is that you are also a beneficiary of the results, such as non-polluted air, sufficient supply of water and the wonderful walks you can have through the nature.

OSlo, towards nordmarkskapellet

this is beautiful

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