Tuesday, January 26, 2010

winter and snow experience

Fall on us , fall on us

enjoying the outdoor activity at this time, skiing

But this is at the wrong place, have to dig it out

and when the sea is frozen, we can enjoy a moment of rest on it

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is the day

We all hope to change the world, or maybe most people do.

We want to do something to make it a better place. Sometimes I thought maybe when I get more money, then I can give to a cause...Or maybe after I finish my studies I can begin to do something...or maybe I can choose a study that will give me opprtunity to serve others...or maybe when I become a great leader some day...great thoughts, great desires, great plans.

But after sometime I realized, I got the NOW. I have today, each and every day is that future that in some past I hoped to have.I realized that right where I am, I can do something. I can share God's love with other people. I can smile to someone, I can be a blessing right now...
Each day I am also discovering how I can be the change I want to see

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Infield course at hald international

Time for reunion with the other internationals, sharing our three months experiences in practice. happy moments, challenges, lessons learnt, thoughtful reflections and its now time to be together again.
At hald in winter, the green grass and trees we left in september is all gone, all is now white snow and colder.

We can all do some norwegian now;

How will this experience influence my life?
What difference is it making in my life?

Three more months for practice, but five more months to be back home.
yes its time to GO LIVE AND BECOME.

kalisha, mesh and I at the frozen sea

friends at lyndal on a frozen sea

New year again

Its new year again, wanting to make resolutions but thinking about living a day at atime. Which one is better?? When we make resolutions, they end up forgotten as the year moves on yet helps to ponder on something when I take those breaks to evaluate how far. Never tried this one day at a time strategy, but really getting tempted to try it in 2010.
I still desire a closer walk with God this year, and to walk God's path for my life.

Look back and thank God,
Look up and FOCUS on God.
Look forward and trust God.

in church at the new years camp

and time to marvel at God's creation

Thursday, January 7, 2010

cold and white birthday

This comes late now that my birthday was 18th of december. At such a time more people had travelled home from the city to be with their families during Christmas...this is actually a similarity to kenya, only that here the transport system is more coordinated than back home.
But back to my birhday, i went ice skating for my first time...its hard at the beginning but managed to walk on skates before the end. Thanks to Hilde and Anna, they held me until i was able to stand on my own. Also went for a walk with Fransizka to the woods, but it was too cold. I must say I enjoyed the gift of friends. Its a great blessing.

me at the woods, and its so cold

Anna, Me and Hilde

Eventful December

In advent month, had alot of parties to go; Juletre fest(christmas tree partywith many friends), Julebord(Christmas party for board members in the Christian Union group), Julelunsj(Christmas Lunch at the laget office) among others.
It was a good time of getting together to share a meal, and talk together, go round the christmas tree singing christmas songs.

Birthday on a cold day. Thanks to Isaiah and Fransizka who made samosas for the day. Went ice skating and for a walk in the woods...wonderful birthday.

Norwegian Christmas charaterized by , Making Pepperkaker(christmas cookies) and pepperkaker hus.Purple candles in advent are changed to red candles.

table set for the dinner

Norwegian christmas dishes...pinnekjøt(lamb meat), lutefisk(fish), ribbe(pork).You will take either of these or all of them in the different christmas days.But i got a different on on christmas eve

yummy, made by pappa

Christmas presents under the christmas tree. Normally people will go round the christmas tree singing songs but we didnt. finnally chocolate, dessrt, coffe or tea.

gifts from everyone to each one

Wonderful christmas family was the best thing that happened to me this christmas. Home away from home.