Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eventful December

In advent month, had alot of parties to go; Juletre fest(christmas tree partywith many friends), Julebord(Christmas party for board members in the Christian Union group), Julelunsj(Christmas Lunch at the laget office) among others.
It was a good time of getting together to share a meal, and talk together, go round the christmas tree singing christmas songs.

Birthday on a cold day. Thanks to Isaiah and Fransizka who made samosas for the day. Went ice skating and for a walk in the woods...wonderful birthday.

Norwegian Christmas charaterized by , Making Pepperkaker(christmas cookies) and pepperkaker hus.Purple candles in advent are changed to red candles.

table set for the dinner

Norwegian christmas dishes...pinnekj√łt(lamb meat), lutefisk(fish), ribbe(pork).You will take either of these or all of them in the different christmas days.But i got a different on on christmas eve

yummy, made by pappa

Christmas presents under the christmas tree. Normally people will go round the christmas tree singing songs but we didnt. finnally chocolate, dessrt, coffe or tea.

gifts from everyone to each one

Wonderful christmas family was the best thing that happened to me this christmas. Home away from home.

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