Monday, March 1, 2010

kollektive weekend

Isaiah, johanne and Ruth

Another weekend out in the forest, this time at Bærum, haslumseter. Quite similar to nordmarka, since you ski to get there in winter or walk during other seasons. this being winter, we went skiing.
Kollektive is the name given to the group of people who stay where I live(at laget houses). we always have meeting every second Tuesday of the month. This time we had a weekeknd out together. It was good time to interact more, go skiing, watch a movie together, play games and share meals among others..what a fantastic way to build a team.
It was so interesting to experience the love and fellowship, especially when the skiing got challenging for me to go the uphills but they stayed with me until the end.'Loving your neighbour'


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  1. Gal the smile is really great but you look yellow yellow. may the Lord Use you greately in your time in Norway.