Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CU weekend at nordmarkskapellet....

The weekend was characterized by adventure, fun, games, making pizza and deep insights from the topic 'JESUS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT'. Of course the cold and beautiful weather was part of the weekend. Mmmmmmhhhh..........and time to realize the hidden potential, Isaiah and I did a narration. It was about this king who sent his sons to go and touch the elephant and report what they found, amazingly they all came with different reports.....that it is a big wall, the other said a leaf and the last one said a trump...this depended on which part they touched...but the message of the story was to urge everyone to dig deeper on who Jesus is. Something else.....time to pick a skill, I learnt how to play ligretto and how to make pizza........hurray!!! It was good to also dicover the story behind this chapel at the forest, that its a students initiative who realized that norwegians like to go for walks (å gå på tur).So they decided to raise funds for the project which took quite a while. The aim was that as people go for these walks they will find a place to go and fellowship. The project has since grown and has camping facilities for those who would like to stay for the nights............and oh, that was in the 1920s....and the vision has grown.

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