Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday was one of the best tuesdays I have had so far...I joined KRIK at Ullevål stadium. There was a tournament and also information about CHRISC (Christian Sports Contanct)in Rwanda. KRIK Oslo will be supporting CHRISC Rwanda this year and there are different projects to that effect.

And so we were divided into groups, where each had about seven people or more. We played football, volleyball and hockey. Mmmmhhhh....of course I dont know what i was doing in the football feild, because it was my first time to play this game, i have watched it alot though.I kept running around the feild trying to kick it and mostly failing, especially with some masculine guys who wanted to kick the same time I was aiming.
Volley ball was good, though the ball seemed to just pass on top of my head to someone else.
Hockey was my highest moment because this was my highschool game. It was good to play it again...and that i know the rules of the game. It felt great to finally manage to do something for my team.I was keeping the goal and nothing passed through there.
Surprise, surprise...our team won the tournament..I hope to continue attending this, because it gives me the opportunity for more interactions with young people.
Thanks to Vegard who invited us. I also met five former hald students and it was great.

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  1. The flock sends its best regards! Thanks for defending Kenya in the tournament, sounds like you did a great job! Miss you guys! :-D