Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three weeks in Oslo........

Oh.........i have been sort of busy,not updated my blog for a while.
Here is what has been happening.........

I have joined the CU international group and as the name suggests, its is really a diverse group from different nationalities. We meet every wednesday at 7pm to have a fellowship and dinner together,,,,,its an opportunity to taste foods from differnt countries, and its been amazing.

I have also met former hald students, Vegard Kimani Odhiambo who went to kenya 2007/2008...Erik Soldal who went to Uganda 2007/2008.......and Hilde who went to brazil 2008/2009. They have really been helpful in helping my team mate and I learn more about the student life in norway, and we will be joining different groups to learn more and be a part of what they do.Hilde is my housemate, she has been so kind as I adapt to living in the context.

I remembered a card game we played at hald, where there were different rules at each table and when you moved from one to another the rules changed, one had to observe and see what the winning strategy is. In the first few days, i felt like I had just moved to this place where I didnt know even how to get my way to a shop,choosing an item, making my own food, getting my way back home.....the list is endless. but i must say learning the rules of the game, the winning feels good......ofcourse the cold is a different story, i have to be all wrapped up in wools which act as an insulator.....hahahaha am liking it though.

Jeg lærer på norsk. det er kjempefint........i will practice more.

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