Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First visit to Oslo

Our first visit to Oslo with the FOCUS international group was one of the best times especially that I will be here for practice. Thanks to Åshild for the orientation in the capital city. We traveled from Mandal at 7am and had to have the mat Parke for breakfast.
The visit to Vigeland Sculpture Park was just the place to be and see what art is all about. Its really a unique way of expressing artistic gifting. That is a creation by Gustav Vigeland ....a Norwegian artist.As I walked through the different sculptures I thought to myself whether anyone in Kenya would ever think of that. May be its because art work is not really embraced or may be art is brought out differently.

I loved the sermon in Church about being set free and letting Jesus give us freedom.
The visit to NKSS office was also a good starting point for me because it was really informative to the work we will be doing during our practice.
Am really looking forward to being in Oslo.....

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